In loving memory of
Sri. S. Jaipal Reddy
Founder Treasurer
DOB - 20.06.1952
DOD - 22.12.2006


Welcome to the official website of Sanghamitra High School, Zaheerabad, Medak District, Telangana, India. We have made every endeavor to address all the requirements of our students, parents and staff. Therefore, you will find the site very comprehensive and we invite all of you to use it to the maximum. While parents will be happy to note that they can access almost all the information about their children; our students can share their views. They can also keep themselves abreast of every little happening at school.

Parents who intend to admit their children into Sanghamitra High School as well as guests can check out the e-world of Sanghamitra High School.

For any clarification, please feel free to contact us.

Happy Browsing!!!

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